Measurements from Tamil Epigraphs (A Mathematical approach)


Dr. T. Santhi
Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics, J.K.K. Nataraja College of Arts and Science, Kumarapalayam - 638 183, Tamil Nadu, India


Weights and measures constitute an interesting aspect of the mathematics.They have a place in the realm of epigraphy. The diversity of units of weights and measures makes it interesting to find a connecting link which forms the basis for the discussion. From the data available in the inscriptions, it is learnt that the land, grain, liquid and gold were measured according to one particular system. Measurement is a multiple of a given unit. The unit is arbitrary or standard in nature. In this study, an attempt has been made to collect the data from the Tamil inscriptions and it is verified using calculations. Comparison of measures is also done. C Programming and database in Microsoft access is created to facilitate further studies.


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September 28, 2022

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