History of English Literature: For a Grasp


Dr. R. Vasanthan
HOD & Associate Professor, Department of English (UAP), National College (Autonomous). Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu,India


It is with great pleasure that I present this book, “History of English Literature: For a Grasp.” This book is an effort to provide a clear and concise overview of the history of English literature, from the Old English period to the present day. The objective of this book is to make the subject of English literature easy to understand for anyone with an interest in the subject. The book is organized chronologically, beginning with the Old English period and progressing through the Middle English period, Elizabethan period, Jacobean period, Caroline period, Commonwealth and Restoration period, Age of Dryden, Neoclassical period, Romantic period, Victorian age, Edwardian period, Georgian period, Modern period, and finally the Postmodern period.


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February 24, 2023

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